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ayeayelexii's Journal

Lexii is the Name >:3

I'm 19 years old {for now} Will be 20 in Jan. 08 2012
I love, love, My I-Phone :3 I pretty much have every type
of music in it, and yes it includes country :O give it
a chance, you'll like it >;3 My most played songs go to
The GazettE as LEECH being the first, it's not really my
favorite, but my Itunes says I've been playing for more than
326 times o__o I've been a fan of them since 'O5 I've been to
8 of their concerts, and now I'm going with them to tokyo Dome!!
So um! obviously you can tell that {RUKI} is my fave<3
though I love them all lol
But other than loving them, I do like Kpop,
My friend has tried getting me into it, but I can't really call myself
a Kpop Fan since the only group I like -and know- is Super Junior.
I was born in the UK and Been living in the US for 2 yrs

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If you think you're too small to make a difference, you've obviously never been in bed with a mosquito.
-- Michelle Walker

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